Procedures for Being a Professional Sales Person

The three most important things for sales professional are outlined below.

  1. The product that they are selling: It is measured on how different or valuable are the goods to the consumer? What is its most significant feature?
  2. The consumer: In what way do the sales take place, the information to sale process/experience (suitability, ease of operation, satisfaction, hurdles, etc.)
  3. The income: The economical stature (amount, positions, guarantee etc.)

The Process of Choosing and Targeting Your Sales Prospect

The first step for any sales person is correct target audience. They should know how to identify and maintain their prospects steadily in their sales career. With the stats of the company changing and the introduction of new products in the market, the sales person should keep checking for new prospects and increase sales.

Maintaining customer database and customer relationships are tools of integrated marketing that can help the sales person to keep their sales steady. In the sales workspace, the prospects are recognised as sales leads that can be the opportunities and the contacts in the database.

The most efficient salespeople, own an exclusive set of dispositional characteristics that enable them to prosper. It is due to the very type and field of the employment. Average sales presentation cannot be concealed as a salesperson’s triumph or fiasco is exposed instantly by the lowest results in sales.

Only a self-motivated and committed person or employee can be successful in sales. There are five crucial factors and traits that are vital for success.

  1. Responsiveness
  2. Concentration
  3. Accountability
  4. Confidence and positivity
  5. Ego-drive-the differentiation between right and wrong

The Role of a Salesperson

Salesperson represents their company and their responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following.

  • To give appropriate value to their prospects who believe in their company
  • To maintain the relationship and mange it
  • To bring back proper information and market analysis result to the company

The area of focus for a professional salesperson is mentioned below. If they don’t follow them, they will not be able to make a successful sale.

  1. Focus on the needs which are important ideally
  2. Focus on the execution with simple approach
  3. Focus on analysis as it is important to understand whether your current sales strategy is working or not

Every sales person also needs to maintain a code of ethics. They are outlined below.

  1. Misrepresenting and fake promises to your customer is against the ethics of a professional sales person.


  1. Clear communication and proper product information should be communicated to the customer. In case of misunderstanding, the sales person should clear it out. Even though it may seem a profitable deal to go ahead with miscommunication, dishonesty will definitely create a negative image of theh sales person and the company. This would affect the relationship in the long-term. 
  1. Sales person has to be loyal to their company and their work. One in a sales job often has the temptation to skip afternoon work, do personal work, or simply take some time off. Sales people are company representatives. Hence, they are obliged to follow the work schedule and work hard towards company profits and their personal growth. 
  1. Always be willing to trade a short-term loss for the sake of a long-term gain. Sales person has to think in terms of a long term profit and relationship rather than short term gains. There will be opportunities where their ethics will be tested. A customer may misunderstand the product and show the willingness to buy it, but the sales person should be honest to make sure customer loyalty is their main aim, rather than selling the product for their short-term gain. 
  1. Promise what you can deliver, over promising sometimes creates a fake company image and also if the company fails to meet the expectations of the customer they further lose out on them.

The Man of Memorable Words – Harry Preston

Known for his books and work in Texas, Harry Preston is an award-winning author and screenwriter. His work spoke wonders for him and made him one of the most renowned writers of his time.


The author was born on 4th September 1923 in South Africa and lived a small-town life for his initial years. He did his schooling from St. Henry’s for a decade and gained great primary education here. He was 15 years old and became the youngest student to graduate. He had to wait for some time before he could enrol at his preferred University of Natal since sixteen was the prerequisite age requirement there.

During his teens, he wrote many children’s stories and also wrote interesting books for kids and quite early after that he moved on to writing articles on adult topics as well as short stories that were published in leading newspapers and many magazines in South Africa.

Books, Movies and More

His tryst with movies began when he decided to change his location and shifted to America in 1948 where he altered the last name Pimm to Preston on becoming an American citizen. Here, he started his career as a writer and director and worked mainly on films with a small-budget in Dallas.

During his job as a News Editor in one of the leading news companies at WFAA-TV in Dallas, he scripted a critically acclaimed film – TORNADO, a short documentary that reflected the losses in 1957 that occurred due to the badly hit tornado. His film earned the famous Sylvania Award and received great recognition and applause. He was also a known writer for his works in Dallas TV series like ‘Spotlight on Texas’. He also wrote many columns that received their place and recognition in the daily news in Dallas.

The 1960s

Harry shifted his base to California and became a part of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and was designated an analyst and known as a rewrite man. However, in 1962, there was a writes’ strike, which required him to shift base to the Jam Handy Studios where he wrote many commercials. One of them was even nominated in a renowned award ceremony in the industry.

After 1967, he resumed his stay and started writing books of both genres including non-fiction and some fiction books. One of his most famous and widely read books – ‘Everything a Teenager Wants to Know About Sex and Should’ received a lot of acclaim and the book was printed seven times.

He also wrote 14 romantic novels under the name of Vanessa Cartwright. He also has a horror tale to his credit named Queen of Darkness, which is a story that took place in South Africa. He also lent his writing skills to develop films that will be used for training the Air Force in the U.S.

The 1970s

After his successful writings around the West Coast, he came back home to Dallas in 1976. Here, he worked religiously for the film industry in Texas and joined in some literature communities. He started doing exceedingly well and was soon famous and well-known for his work as an author as well as screenwriter. Mr. Preston won a lifetime achievement award at the Corpus Christi Film Festival. He was felicitated for his dedication and great work in the film industry.

The 1990s

From 1990, he began extending his knowledge as a teacher for screenwriting in Dallas at Richland College. He also worked towards marketing scripts as well as books from his own company – Stanton & Associates Literary Agency.

The 2000s

He went on to publish an interesting biography of Thelma White in 2002, by the name of Thelma Who? She was a prior Broadway star and acted in a few movies and his book on her was rated within the first ten books of that year by a famous movie magazine – Classic Images.

In 2003, his newest novels named Faces of Angels and Shot in Dallas came out and received good reviews and quite a lot of recognition.

Mr. Preston’s work was surely commendable and his dedication towards the Texas film and literary industry was truly noteworthy. He passed away on 23rd November 2009 at the age of 86 in Dallas.

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